How many plates are in one kit?

One 96-well plate per kit.

How many samples can be run on one plate?

78 samples (or 39 samples if running in duplicate). The additional wells are for controls and concentration standards.

How long does it take to complete the assay?

3.5 hours of incubation time.

What type of sample can be used for the assay?

The CS Assay uses plasma that has been collected in EDTA (lavender) tubes. The test is optimized for a specific spin down protocol (2,250g for 20 minutes at 4 degrees Celsius).

Is there a specific protocol for spinning down the plasma?

Yes, the CS Assay is optimized for a spin down of 2,250g for 20 minutes at 4 degrees Celsius.

What is the sample volume required per well?

25uL of sample needed per well (50uL for one sample when running in duplicate).

Can the CS Assay be run on frozen samples?

Yes. The development and validation of the assay has been based on frozen samples. To freeze plasma, immediately flash freeze with dry ice and ethanol (or liquid nitrogen) after the spun down plasma is aliquoted into cryovials and store at -80 degrees Celsius until needed for use.

How can I place an order?

Orders can be placed by filling out the Order Request Form on the website. There are two ordering options: 1) Order the CS test kits to be delivered to you. Please choose option 1: CS test (96-well ELISA kit delivered) on the Order Request Form. 2) Order the CS test kits to be run by Sarcotein. Please choose option 2: CS test (run by Sarcotein) on the Order Request Form. If this option is chosen, blood samples will need to be shipped to Sarcotein.

What payment methods do you take?

We only take Purchase Orders (PO) at this time.

Do I need a PO number to place the order?

You may submit your quote request without a PO number. The order will be processed once the PO is given.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship kits internationally.