The CS blood test serves as a liquid biopsy of the heart.

Know how your heart muscle is doing before it tells you!

About Sarcotein

Sarcotein is dedicated to translating the latest in muscle cell research to clinical use. Sarcotein’s lead product is the cBIN1 Score (CS) assay, which detects, from a blood sample, cardiac muscle remodeling.

About the CS Assay

The CS assay is a sandwich ELISA, which involves the use of two antibodies to first extract a protein from blood (capture antibody) and then quantify the amount of protein present (detection antibody). Sarcotein’s CS kit includes a proprietary detection antibody that is specific for cardiac BIN1 (cBIN1), which is the cardiac muscle protein that regulates the strength of cardiac contractions as well as the ability for the heart to relax between contractions.